How far in advance do I have to book?

We take bookings as far in advance as you would like to book. You can cancel up to 72 hours in advance with no penalty. We recommend booking well in advance in order to guarantee yourself a tour.

Can you pick us up outside of Kelowna?

We can accommodate pick ups outside of Kelowna. Please note that as we would have to make arrangements there may be an additional fee for going outside of the city.

If you drive into town we can also pick you up at a central location. However for a return it is our recommendation that you do not drive if you have been tasting and are feeling the effects of the alcohol.

What time do the tours operate?

Our tour schedule varies depending on the tour and time of year. Sometimes they can go a little long depending on the traffic on the way back to the drop off point.

For private tours we can work around the time of your choosing.

What if I am not a wine drinker?

Even if you do not want to taste, you may be tempted along the way! Wine tours can be an informative and wonderful experience, where you not only learn about wine-making and the vineyards, but also more about the Okanagan valley. Each winery offers a hospitable environment and do have many other items in their shops with other local products that you may still enjoy.

How many people can go on a wine tour?

We have both a 12 passenger van and a 24 passenger bus so are more than able to accommodate large groups such as staff outings and bachelor/bachelorette tours.

Why book a tour when i can find the wineries myself?

A wine tour enhances the experience of each winery. Not only is it informative but you can also sample as many of the wines as you would like without worrying about a safe ride home. We also like to pair the larger wineries with the smaller ones as they round each other out quite well and all have a lot to offer. We can take care of making reservations for meal stops as well as calling ahead to the wineries for large groups. Our drivers are all very knowledgeable on each winery and the Okanagan valley and will be able to provide you with a one of a kind guided tour.

Why are the wineries visited on a particular tour not guaranteed?

Many people book tours because there is a particular region or winery that they would like to see. We recommend booking in advance to guarantee which area we go to in order to take you to any special locations you request.

For large groups the wineries require a call ahead so that they can ensure they are well staffed and prepared for the tours coming through each day.

When booking, request which area you would like to see and we will do our best to take you there.